Indigenous Contemporary Dance Instructor in Canada

Brief Description of Responsibilities

This role encompasses the design, organization, and presentation of a comprehensive course syllabus aligned with the approved calendar description by the Chair of the Department and the Office of the Dean of Arts & Science, adhering to any significant variations outlined in Article 5.04 of the Collective Agreement.

The primary responsibilities include:

  • Taking principal responsibility for the course, encompassing lectures, seminars, and labs where applicable.
  • Preparation, delivery, and facilitation of scheduled workshops.
  • Facilitation of discussions and responsiveness to student inquiries.
  • Assignment and grading of student work within established timelines.
  • Development and administration of tests and examinations, including invigilation.
  • Marking and grading of student work, including the calculation of final marks for enrolled students.
  • Maintenance of one or more office hours per week for student consultations outside of scheduled class time.
  • Timely and effective communication with students, the Departmental Chair, and Academic Administrative Assistant.
  • Submission of grade breakdowns with student information, assignment types, weightings, and grades clearly indicated by the specified deadline.
  • Return of exams to the department office upon completion of grading.
  • Retention of formal appealable work in accordance with appeals regulations, with active contact information on file during that period.
  • Fulfillment of any other duties associated with course management, including the submission of exam copies to CAT if required.


A Ph.D. or equivalent in knowledge and experience is required for this role. Additionally, expertise in Indigenous Knowledge, experience teaching Indigenous Performance, and proficiency in an Indigenous Language are valued qualifications. Teaching in a multicultural context is an experiential requirement, and knowledge of Indigenous Traditional and Contemporary Dance, along with related Indigenous cultural knowledge, is necessary.

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